Frequenly Asked Questions

Q: What is Telecloud?

A: Telecloud is an unlimited cloud storage based on Telegram. You can upload photos, videos, documents or any type of file for free. We aren't the basic cloud storage like Google Drive, Mega, iCloud or Dropbox we offer unlimited space of storing data for free.

Q: Who is Telecloud for?

A: Everyone who want an unlimited, secure and free cloud storage service. Developers, students, etc. We offer you a complitely free service for storing your datas.

Q: How secure is Telecloud?

A: We would never have access to your saved files. All of your uploaded files to Telecloud would stay only on your Telegram account (on your Saved Messages by default, so anyone excepted you can't access it)

Q: How it works?

A: Telecloud uses the Telegram authentication flow, so no datas are stored on our system. All the files you upload will be directly send to your Telegram account and saved ONLY there. We use the Telegram API to manage files and authentication.

Q: Will Telecloud be free forever?

A: Yes, all basic features will be free for now and forever. We'll add some new features that can be used only with our paid subscriptions in future.